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Effects of The Industrial and French Revolution on Europe

            This paper will analyze the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution in Europe. Causes, influences and outcomes of each will be identified as well as which Revolution had the most impact on European society by 1871.
             During the latter part of the eighteenth century, a new revolution enthralled the world. This revolution was not a political one however it would lead to many implications later in its existence. Neither was this a social or cultural revolution, but an economic one.
             The Industrial Revolution changed the means of producing goods around the world. It also transformed our societies from being a primarily agricultural society to one that was dominated by manufacturing and industry.
             The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain during the eighteenth century, which at the time was the most powerful nation in the world. It was inevitable that the country that possessed the most wealth would lead this revolution. Britain was also rich in natural resources such as coal and iron which were crucial elements in industrialization. Following its adoption in England, other nations such as France, the United States, and Germany entered into this revolution.
             During this time there were scores of technological advancements. The most momentous advancements were in steam power. Newly discovered fuels such as coal and petroleum were incorporated into new steam engines. Which improved productivity in many industries including manufacturing and textiles. The steam engine also revolutionized the transportation with the invention of the steam locomotive and steam ship. A new communication medium was also created called the telegraph. Communicating across the ocean was made more expedient due to the creation of the telegraph. .
             Along with the immense leaps in technology, there was also an overall demise in the socioeconomic and cultural situation of the people. The growth of cities was one of the major consequences of the Industrial Revolution.

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