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industrial Revolution

             The Industrial Revolution gave a drastic change on the economy in production, jobs, transportation, and growth. The Industrial Revolution was a dramatic change on production in which machinery took over the use of tools, and energy sources as well as human and animal labor. Skilled workers were replaced with unskilled workers who were trained to work these new machines. Many people were not ready for this abrupt change. It was more of an economic revolution, which should have took the name of this period in time. There was now rapid growth and production, new adaptation towards these new inventions and technology including the individual self. The Industrial Revolution was filled with developments that transformed Great Britain from a largely rural population making a living almost entirely from agricultural to a town-centered society engaged increasingly in factory manufacture. The area went from primarily agriculture to capitalist and from a rural economy to an urban economy. Household and family based, to mostly industrial based.
             It all began in the 18th century. It happened during the times of the early 1700's to the late 1830's, a time when Great Britain was a powerful Empire. Germany, United States and France later joined the revolution. Britain was powerful for many reasons, but having a large amount of coal and iron resources helped as well as their great means of transportation. Since it was a leading commercial power, people wanted to invest and grow within their communities. At this time many people were not thinking about change until it had happened, and there was plenty of room for improvement. It was mostly originating in England. Soon after the revolution started, there was a great reliance. A reliance on factories and their machinery for manufacturing good, the growth of large cities, and greatly improved transportation are among many of the effects and technological advancements.

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