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Britain and the First Industrial Revolution

            An Industrial Revolution is viewed as a complex set of radical changes, vastly in areas of socioeconomic fields. This is exactly what occurred in Britain and it resulted in the most insightful and extensive change within the history of humanity. In fact this event still plays a significant role in our lives today. The transformation that occurred transformed the way we live our lives in all aspects such as what wear and eat how we live and work and our social interaction as some main examples. From living a basic life, where many goods and products were limited was quickly accelerated to a more complex and structured society with an abundance of goods available at our doorsteps. This essay validates how so many new establishments and foundations created in one nation played such a crucial part in world history reaching a truly global level. It also explores the many conflicting views historians have about the Industrial Revolution. .
             In order to understand the reasons how and why the first industrial revolution occurred in Britain and soon to become wide spread it is crucial to understand what England was like beforehand and what other events occurred that triggered the rapid transformation in Britain. Before the industrialization revolution occurred, Britain was a different place. The average working person prior to the industrial revolution would be lucky to own one or two shirts. Manufacturing was often produced in people's homes, using hand tools. The only method to obtain fabric was to utilise hand spinners that people would need to dedicate hours to spin their materials into threads just so they could be woven. A t this point of time nylon was not an option and cotton wasn't imported in large quantities. At this time the population of Britain belonged and lived in small rural locations and daily life was manual and very difficult. Malnourishment and disease was common because there was no money for medicine or Doctors.

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