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British Industrial Revolution

            British Industrial Revolution Report.
             I have been asked to write a report about why the Industrial Revolution first occurred in our great nation of Great Britain. As a member of Parliament I"ve had to do some research on this topic but not a lot because I am a brilliant member of this British Parliament and I already knew a lot on this topic.
             Although the Industrial Revolution evolved over a long period of time, it is generally believed that it began sometime after 1750 in Great Britain. By 1850 Great Britain was the wealthiest country in the world.
             Now there are many reasons the Industrial Revolution occurred in Great Britain before any other country and I will share most of them with you. Not in any particular order of importance, but one of the factors was the agricultural revolution of the 18th century. There was a significant increase in food production because of changes in the methods of farming and stock breeding that characterized this agricultural revolution. More people could be fed at lower prices and with less labor because of this. Ordinary British families did not have to spend most of their income on food; therefore they could use more of their salary to buy manufactured goods, unlike the rest of Europe at the time. Also, there was a pool of excessive labor for the new factories of the emerging British industry because of a rapid growth in the British population in the second half of the 18th century. .
             There was a ready supply of wealth for investment in the new industrial machines and the factories that were needed to house them. Britain possessed an effective central bank and well-developed, compliant credit facilities. There was no other place in Europe where people were so accustomed to using paper instruments to facilitate capital transactions. .
             Obviously there were a fair number of individuals in Britain who were interested in making profits if the opportunity presented itself.

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