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How the Industrial Revolution Impacted the World

            The 1700s and the rise of Industrialization as a whole changed agriculture and the general culture of the world incredibly, in a way that's still visible today. "This process has continued during the twentieth century" (Cranny 129). From then on, the Industrial Revolution has changed productivity by using more efficient tools and methods. This revolution has changed horticulture in multiple ways. First, mankind has always been influenced by their inventions, it allows them to grow and increase productivity; this is especially prevalent in the Industrial Revolution. Second, new inventions weren't the only aspect that shaped the Industrial Revolution, culturally the world and society became more accepting of a career orientated lifestyle, and this allowed for more productivity. Lastly, with a cultural acceptance of hard-work, companies began adopting factory practices to increase manufacture, sales, and production of agriculture. The Industrial Revolution defined what agriculture is today and helped it evolve to new heights. .
             The Industrial Revolution changed productivity by using more efficient tools and techniques, changing horticulture in many ways. One of these techniques was the crop rotation. The idea of crop rotation was to grow four crops - turnips, barley, grasses, and wheat - in rotation and produce four times as much crop (Cranny 133). Doing so greatly increased the production of agriculture. Industrialization shaped and changed society to accept a career-oriented lifestyle. The changes in agriculture and industry that occurred in the time after 1700 affected every member of society in beneficial ways and transformed society (Cranny 129). With the introduction of various techniques and methods, the world started to see large companies and corporations. Today we have multi-billion dollar companies that have been founded and created off of principles, tools, and methods structured by the Industrial Revolution.

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