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My Take on the Industrial Revolution

            A coal fire roars, pressure builds, and pistons crank the gears of what we know today as the Industrial Revolution. If I could go back to that time, specifically to the year of 1775, I would jump at the opportunity to work with geniuses like James Watt to create technological history. What draws me to this era is the sheer amount of new technology, innovation, and growth that surfaced in such a short period of time. So many inventions that shaped the future were created. Whitney's cotton gin, the telegraph, the sewing machine and most importantly Watt's Steam Engine transformed the world and set the blueprint for today's technological revolution. To be able to witness the apex of engineering and take part in the design of these machines would be a fantastic experience for me. My extensive interest in engineering, electronics and mechanics would lead me to choose 1775 to experience for a year. I would go back and be part of the growth because I am one who strives to help write history and influence the future.
             My dream is to create change. I want to see people happier as a result of my future endeavors. In 1775 the whole world turned around in a matter of decades with the advancements of the Industrial Revolution. With the creation of assembly lines, new communication methods, and the efficient and practical utilization of steam power, America progressed like no other time in history. As a child that was always interested in science, I discovered my primary passion when I was walking around in an automotive exhibit of the California Science Center. Upon realizing the kind of impact and engineer can have in society at a young age, the idea of taking part in the improvement and invention of new technology is what motivates me to be an engineer. Just as lives improved and society progressed as a result of creativity spurred by the Industrial Revolution, I plan on improving lives and assisting the progression of society today through my future contributions to the engineering field.

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