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Post Civil War Industrialization

            Industrialization after the Civil War.
             This paper discusses the effects the Industrial Revolution had on the economy, politics, and society. Also this paper will talk about five different groups affected by the Revolution. In addition, this paper reviews the effects the Industrial Revolution had on the average working American. After the Civil war Industrialization drastically changed and affected everything going on in the U.S. including the way the government was ran, the people and the way people lived as a whole.
             Three Aspects of the Industrial Revolution .
             In my opinion the three major aspects of the Industrial Revolution fall into a synergy, where because of one thing the next thing occurs very simultaneously. For example, when dealing with the economy we can man=inly speak on increased productivity in which it was a change of shifted energy sources from everything being more manual to it now being able to be run almost on its own (mechanics). Which in fact left less need for human and animal power because mechanical power began to take over. Which then leads into the society changes because of the need of workers to help keep the increased productivity running. Which was called change of labor, because as time went by more Americans left farming to work in factories or sales, which then expanded the growth of cities. Instead of having more family owned businesses larger corporate firms began to take over which also harmed the labor force. Having corporate firms led to longer working hours and less pay for those in the lower financial classes, because cooperation's wanted and demanded for more people to keep the daily operations moving. Politics tie into this because of the devotion to businesses, being that no one in politics wanted to miss out on the economical portion of the changes in industrialization they dedicated their main concentration towards the businesses instead of the people.

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