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french revolution

             The reason for which I chose this topic to write my historical essay on is because throughout all of the topics that I studied in the course of Western Civilization, the one that stood out the most, caught my attention, and I enjoyed learning about was the French Revolution. Although the French Revolution was not beneficial to everyone, it had a huge impact on industries and commerce at that point and it paved the way for the beginning of the industrial revolution. Throughout the essay there will be various important points about the French Revolution and why or how they affected civilization. .
             The French Revolution was a period of radical change, specifically in the areas of government, the church, the economy and individual rights. Not all social classes agreed on the decisions that were taking place at that point in time, some gained and some lost. In this essay, I will discuss the shift in government from absolutism to a constitutional Monarchy, the churches loss of power, and finally the newly acquired rights of different social classes along with their satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction. .
             When the new constitution was in the process of being put into affect from 1789 to 1791, its main objective was the establishment of the Legislative Assembly, which would create an enormous impact on French society for the years to come. .
             One of the most important changes in the French Revolution was the shift in government from absolutism to a constitutional Monarchy. Before this change was made, the king had "Absolute- power, and the people obeyed his every command. He enforced rules on matters he knew little about and favoured the higher social classes, in turn causing much suffering for the poor. This new shift in government limited much of the King's power and gave every citizen a voice. This is the point in time when the declaration of the rights of man and the citizen was adopted.

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