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French Revolution

             In most sports and some wars there are clear winners and losers, but for other events in life the outcomes are uncertain. For many years it has been customary to regard the French Revolution as the decisive turning point of modern European history. In spite of every storm and stress France still remains constitutionally ordered republic and Liberity, Equality and Fraternity remain its motto. The French Revolution provided the world with its first meaningful experience of political ideology, and hence brought many governmental changes, social changes and the theme of nationalism. The French Revolution marked the advent of modern society, it inspired people in other parts of Europe to modernise their own countries.
             Ideologies are fundamentally political bright descriptions of the means and methods by which the instruments of the revolution, party or government should be used for the purpose of social change i. Keeping that in mind, ideology had a major effect in the making of the modern world, and was the prescription for the change influenced by the Enlightenment of a society, which deemed to be man made. The French Revolution unleashed many new forces and destroyed old ones. Georges Lefebvre who was a professor whose prime interest was in the social history, stated: "the Revolution of 1789 restored the harmony between fact and law.""ii The fact is the significant economic aspect within France, brought by the middle class through revolutionary ideology gained a new political authority. The emphasis on the ideological element in the policy of the revolutionary governments also diminished the desire to expand territorial boundaries and more so for the economic advantage, hence, political ideology has over time become to be seen as a dominant influence over foreign policies. The ideals that inspired the revolution, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, still to this day encourage men to discover the best way to organize a government that will ensure that everyone is free and happy, have equal rights and free from the miseries of hunger and poverty iii.

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