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French Revolution

            On the eve of the Revolution, France had grown to such a state that a revolution was irrefutable. The King and his nobles were resting comfortably on the poor and broken backs of most of the population of France, who at the time were finding a way to rise up together and fight for what they believed. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity were a reflection of the political, social, and economic breakdown, because they were the driving forces behind reforms needed to correct the corrupt Ancien Regime. .
             First, there were many downfalls concerning the economic state which had to be corrected in order for the three major ideals of the French Revolution to be realized. To begin, document two shows how economic instability was a major precursor to the revolution. The confusion of finances and a deficit impossible to provide for threatened the people's economic freedoms and liberties. The Plight of the French peasants continues, to portray the unfair, heavy taxation put upon the peasants, causing them to become unemployed. This caused great hardships of inequality throughout the lands of France, while at the same time encouraging fraternity to untie and overcome this oppression. Notes fifteen and sixteen of document five support this point as well. Taxation was extremely unfair, driving the people to fight for grater equality. This completely explains the well-portrayed picture of French society in document one. Due to the fact that the poor were taxed the most, they were supporting the nobility, allowing them to live a tax free life on the backs of every worker across the lands of France. The Old Regime clearly emphasizes inequalities between men. .
             Next, even more outrageous were the political and social problems encouraging the lower classes to cry out for their own liberty, equality and brotherhood. Document six begins by displaying the social oppression and control over the third estate by the nobility.

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