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french revolution

             So what sparked the French Revolution? Who knows? Who cares right? Wrong! There are many different reasons but lets just focus on three of them. Besides the fact that heavy taxes were placed upon peasants, the meetings of the Estate Generals held to change things were at inconvenient times we are brought back to the major factor that food was scarce for peasants.
             Taxes! We have all grown to love them or not! How would you feel if you pay taxes and other people did not have to? Well, that's how things working in France. Both the Nobels and the Clergy paid little or no taxes. I could see how the peasants would be a little no, a lot perturb! Sure peasants wanted to change this but how could they when they had no voice at the meetings.
             The meetings of the Estate Generals were held at really bogus times. Making them inaccessible to the peasants. This was done purposely to insure the voice of the peasants was not heard. All apart of the Nobels and Clergy's plan to completely disregard the peasants feelings and natural rights. If and when the peasants were able to participate in the meetings, not every peasant was able to vote. I guess the Clergy and Nobels didn't think the peasants had enough brainpower to have a say so in the meetings because of the lack of food in their systems.
             Provinces reported numerous accounts of rioting. The peasants were not prevalent to bread because of the shortage. Due to the riots the price of bread increased hindering the peasants ability to pay, placing them in an even worse predicament. As if the peasants had much to start of with!.
             It is clear why a Revolution was long overdue. I feel all of the causes of the peasants. Also, I completely stand by them. I applaud the peasant's stand against the unjust laws of the land. The Nobels and Clergy will think twice before treating human beings like animals next time. So, in a nutshell this shows us how the French Revolution came about and what provoked it to transpire.

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