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The French and Philippine Revolutions

            Throughout history, there have been various revolutions taking place all around the world. Significant social, economical and political changes have often resulted from these revolutions. A revolution is change that comes about within ones' society. The measures of two important revolutions held major contributions to their nation; these two revolutions are the French Revolution and the Philippines Revolution. The French Revolution took place from 1789 to 1799. During this time period Louis XVI held the throne, it has been recorded that his mistakes outweighed his achievements and the outcome was bloodshed and violence. This revolution resulted in major change and continues to affect modern history. A century later was the Philippine Revolution, which began in 1896. Spanish ruled the Philippines for centuries, after so long Filipinos wanted to gain independence. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and Emilo Aguinaldo are some of the key figures of the revolutions. They stressed the importance of change and gained independence in the year of 1902. Of all the revolutions studied in global history, the French Revolution and the Philippine Revolution has had the greatest social, economical and political impact. .
             The French Revolution was a time period when a large number of French citizens took actions to change the unequal distribution of power. Social classes also known as the Three Estates were one of the main causes of the revolution. In this social pyramid, the clergy who worked for the church was first estate with the 1% of population, 2% of the population was the second estate which contained nobility and King Louis XVI and lastly the third estate with peasants, serfs and bourgeoisie which consisted of 97% of the population. The first and second estates owned majority of France's land however paid no taxes while the third estate paid heavy taxes. They were also paid in low wages and had no power to influence the government.

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