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Muammar Al-Gaddafi - Libya's Manipulative Dictator

            Located in the North African Maghreb region, where ninety percent of the country is covered by desert, the Kingdom of Libya can be found. Because of the great percentage covered by desert there are only a few scattered areas where agriculture and life is possible (Nations Online). Most of Libya's population can be found along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Before there passing dictator the flag of Libya was green but through nineteen fifty one to nineteen sixty nine the Kingdom of Libya's flag was reinvented. It was made to contain three horizontal stripes; the first red, then black and on the bottom green with a crescent moon and a star in the center. After Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi took over in nineteen sixty nine this flag was used by Libyan nationals as a symbol of the revolution (Nations Online). .
             Problems in Libya .
             Before the decades of leadership under a cruel and corrupt dictator, Libya was part of the many areas that were under the control of a monarch. King Idris came to the throne once Libya gained independence from Italy in nineteen fifty one and was popular among his people but produced no sons (MacDonald). Leaving many with questions as to who would be Libya's next king or ruler. Under the Libyan constitution of nineteen fifty one it was stated that King Idris as-Sanusi would be the head of state. It gave him the authority to exercise political power to run the affairs of the country, through a government led by a prime minister as well as the power to veto legislations and dissolve the House of Representatives. (Temehu) The king's government was made up of the parliament, the upper house (Senate) and the lower house (House of Representatives). Each of the three provinces of Libya, specifically Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan, were represented in the Senate by eight representatives. Each province had its own provincial or local government (Temehu).
             In nineteen fifty nine, significant oil reserves were discovered in Libya (CNN).

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