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UN Shows True Colors- White

             In the past year the United Nations has made many controversial decisions, and many Americans are now saying, "Why do we belong to an organization that doesn't follow through with their convictions?".
             After 12 years and 16 resolutions asking Iraq to declare their weapons of mass destruction, the UN passed another resolution, Resolution 1441. Resolution 1441 asked that Iraq cooperate fully with UN weapons inspectors and declare any weapons or weapons programs that they may have. Within two months of this resolution, inspectors found 120 Al Samoud 2 missiles. The Al Samoud 2, a type of scud missile, can travel over 150 k.m. that classifies it as a ballistic missile which violates Resolution 1441. The U.N. didn't do anything about this direct violation. It took Uncle Sam to come in and enforce 12 years of resolutions for them.
             In January, Libya was elected to chair the Committee on Human Rights. Libya, under the rule of Col. Muammar Abu Minyar al-QADHAFI a known supporter of terrorists has violated numerous human rights laws which the UN has even acknowledged.* The sad thing is that 33 countries voted to allow them to chair the committee, with only 3 dissenters. Does anyone else think that there is something wrong with this? This country, whom had sanctions suspended against them after doing a deal in handing over the bombers of Pan Am Flight103, had 33 countries vote for them to head a UN committee, if that doesn't say that the UN is a joke what does?.
             Upon election to the chairmanship, the Libyan Ambassador said "The Commission must affirm the universality, indivisibility and complementarily of human rights, and that it must send a clear message that it will deal with human rights in all countries - not just some of them - taking into account the different religious, cultural and historical backgrounds in the world."** Now read that last line again, "Taking into account the different religious, cultural and historical backgrounds in the world.

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