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An Understanding of the Development of North Africa Proceedi

            After World War Two, in 1945 only Egypt, Ethiopia, and Liberia were independent in North Africa. However in World War Two many Africans fought for democracy alongside Europeans and were shown new ideas by the Europeans. Fighting for self-rule and freedom from tyranny for other countries inspired many Africans who fought in World War Two. After World War two countries from around the world were recognizing the Europeans as hypocrites who continued to unjustly rule African populations. Due to World War Two European nations could hardly maintain the Empires in Africa and were weak to any types of rebellion.
             Those inspired few nationalists began rallying support through lower class farmers and workers who resented European-owned industries stealing profit from the African resources. Africans saw little change in their condition and were looking for a path away from poverty.
             In the 1950s the movement for independence began in Libya. Libya is a large country west of Egypt ruled by Italy. In 1951 Italy allowed independence of Libya which then became a monarchy. At this same time French colons were not conceding independence as easily to Algeria. Algeria is another large country west of Libya. France had already granted independence to Tunisia and Morocco unwillingly in 1956 and did not want to let go of Algeria. French settlers had been going to Algeria since as early as the 1830s. By the 1950s there was nearly 1 million, who had taken the best land and jobs, not caring for the needs of the other 9 million Muslim Algerians.
             The people of Algeria were clearly upset by the reluctance of France to grant independence and were ready for war. With the help of Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, Algeria launched a guerrilla war for independence. French troops responded by destroying Algerian property, sending people to concentration camps, and superior fire power. Despite the overwhelming odds, the rebels fought on.

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