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french revolution

             The French Revolution of 1789 was one of the most brutal and significant events in world history. This revolution was not a sudden thing. For a long time, there had been many factors for a long time leading up to this civil war in France. For hundreds of years, the majority of the French population was treated horribly. The French Revolution of 1789 had many long-range causes.
             During the time before the French Revolution, there were three social classes in France. The lowest class lived in poverty and made up 90% of the French population. To make issues much worse, the lowest class had to pay a tremendous amount of taxes to the upper classes as confirmed in the quote "It was in the name of feudalism and tradition that the peasant landowner had to give part of his harvest to the church, pay dues to his lord." in document 1. Due to this, the lower class hated the upper to classes extremely. As things in France got worse for the lower class, the hatred grew larger and larger and eventually the lower class revolted.
             The monarchy was a huge reason for the French Revolution. To understand this you have to know about the palace of Versailles. Versailles was where the monarchy lived and is the most incredible palace ever built. While the rest of France was starving, the monarchy was living in a totally isolated palace with three miles of garden surrounding it. "By its very splendor, the exquisite worldly civilization of Versailles aroused a steadily mounting tide of public against itself: the towns were at last rising up against the royal court". This quote in document 2 explains that the population of France was totally against the palace of Versailles and finally got fed up and revolted against it. The quote in document 2 "Louis the 16th found himself more and more isolated and his powers less and less real" shows that the French Revolution was a building process. It really started before 1789 and that year was just the last string where the public just all out revolted.

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