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Success, Failure and the French Revolution

            Success is measured in failure, and during the French Revolution, France experienced many failures. Throughout the revolution, France was able to achieve some of their original goals; the government went through several changes, the people were given a voice, and ordered was restored. Therefore, the revolution was indeed successful, the people set out to change France, and that's exactly what they did. By the end of the revolution, France had transformed completely, a lot of people benefited from the new swing of direction and the newly found freedom.
             When the revolution began France was originally a monarchy ruled by Louis XVI, which many people had qualms about. Louie, among other things, was quite the tyrant, stressing taxes and failing to complete his imperial goals as king, so much so, that France was literally yanked out his control. Once France said goodbye to the end of a constitutional monarchy, the idea of a republic ensued, led by Maximilien Robespierre, with an extended department entitled The Committee of Public Safety, which was made up of twelve deputies in charge of settling the debating masses of the National Convention. But, chanced with a reign of terror, he too was shut down by the people, The Thermidorian Reaction, which then lead to a new government, The Directory-which was incapable of getting anything done. After much hope was lost, there, rising from the ashes like phoenix, was the great Napoleon Bonaparte. He was truly a beloved dictator, whom much would agree to disagree over, but one thing's for sure, he did do a great deal for the revolution. .
             On the flip side, the people were also an important part of the revolution, going so far as to storm many areas in Paris, just to prove their anger and frustration. It's doubtful that the revolution would have gotten as far as it did without the enormous response from the not only the people of France, but neighboring countries as well.

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