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World History - Three Revolutions

            The American Revolution was successful because it resulted in the creation of America. The French Revolution was more of a failure than a success due to Napoleon actually killing innocent people while trying to rebuild France. The Haitian Revolution is actually considered the most successful slave rebellion ever because it freed the slaves and granted Haiti its independence. The American Revolution was the most successful because of three reasons: The American Revolution granted America its independence and started the steps for America to establish its government and become what it is today, the French Revolution's failures actually outweigh the successes, and the Haitian Revolution may have freed the slaves but it took a while for Haiti to be fully independent from France.
             The American Revolution was the most successful revolution of all, because it helped Americans establish their government. After the revolution, the Enlightenment helped established some building blocks for the foundation of the American government. The Enlightenment provoked ideas such as the branches of government, and human rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and democracy in general. The revolution made America fight against the tyranny of Britain so they won't do the same in their country and make it free for all. The American Revolution also helped Britain because America ended up helping Britain in World Wars I & II when they needed it. .
             The French Revolution was a success because it eventually led to the ending of the monarchy in France, but at first the war directly ended and there was a new monarchy. Napoleon ended up being a dictator type leader and was exiled from France due to his faults as a leader. He also killed innocent French people while trying to rebuild France. Napoleon made women have to stay home while men had all the rights, which was what the revolution was trying to get rid of.

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