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Simon Bolivar

            Those who have served the revolution have plowed the sea." Simon Bolivar, who lived from 1783 to 1830, used this lament in his movement in his fight for Latino independence. Bolivar's main goal of Latin America was to fuse the former Spanish Colonies of Latin and South America into a great confederation. Although Simon Bolivar tried to recreate a country like the United States, his plan was a failure. This story of revolution and failure is similar to other incidents during this time period. Although Bolivar, and those involved with the other incidents, may intend to unify nations, it may turn out a totally different way than planned. Bolivar's quote reflects the ideas of many revolutionaries of this time.
             Simon Bolivar attempted to unify Latin America into a great confederation. Bolivar was born in 1783 in modern day Venezuela (Caracas), and lived for forty-eight years. Bolivar was a zealous republican who became involved with the Enlightenment period. Bolivar constantly spoke of public sovereignty. Bolivar became inspired by George Washington and fought Spanish rule in 1811. Bolivar often had reversals and was often exile. Bolivar, however, assembled troops and magnificent army. Simon Bolivar invaded many countries (such a as Chile), and coordinated his efforts with other leaders. Simon Bolivar's main goal was to unify the nation of Latin and South America and create a nation much like the United States. Venezuela, Colombia, and Equador in the 1820's called Gran Colombia. Bolivar then tried to get Bolivar (named for himself) and Peru join forces. Simon Bolivar attemped to unify Venezuela Equador, and Peru. .
             Although Simon Bolivar attempted to weld many Latin American countries together, his plan was a failure. In 1830, regional, political, and greed undermined the royals. As the confederation was diminishing, Bolivar grew impatient and somewhat angered and upset. A disappointed Bolivar claimed that South America was "ungovernable".

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