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Who Makes These Guys?

             In the beginning of written history there were leaders; leaders that were just bred for controlling and conquering mass numbers of people. From the written history mankind had documented, There are three very distinctive leaders; not just any leaders, Great leaders. They were not just born into that lifestyle, they all earned their keep. . Louis Kossuth, Simon Bolivar and Giuseppe Garibaldi were the best leaders of their time and the similarities between them are very distinct.
             Louis Kossuth was a Hungarian revolutionary hero, who was born in1802. He was of a Protestant family and was a lawyer by training. His liberal and nationalist program did not avoid the possibility of dissolving the union of the Hungarian and Austrian crowns. He was arrested in 1837, but popular pressure forced the Metternich regime to release him in 1840. Kossuth was one of the principal figures of the Hungarian revolution in 1848. When, in April, Hungary was granted a separate government, Kossuth became finance minister. He continued his anti-Austrian agitation. When the Austrian government, supported by governor of Croatia, Count Jellachich de Buzim; Kossuth became head of the Hungarian government of national defense. In April of 1849, the Hungarian parliament declared Hungary an independent republic and Kossuth became president. The Hungarians won several victories, but in 1849, Russian troops intervened in favor of Austria, and Kossuth was obliged to resign the government to General Gorgey. The Hungarian surrender at Vilagos marked the end of the republic. Kossuth fled to Turkey. He visited England and the United States and received praise as a champion of liberty. Kossuth lived in exile in England, and then in 1865 he settled in Italy. He was dissatisfied with the Ausgleich compromise in 1867, which created the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and he refused an offer of pardon in 1890. Kossuth died in the year 1894 from natural causes.

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