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How Guy de Maupassant creates moral dilemmas.

            Delineate how Guy de Maupassant creates moral dilemmas in his short stories.
             "Veracity is the heart of morality" - Thomas Henry Huxley. Morals are probably the most important thing in the British Government, because it keeps the country under good order, and provides different ideas and opinions; without morals our country would be perfect. Does Guy de Maupassant create moral issues because it is based on the truth of his past? The only way to answer this question is to look at several short stories, and explain the context and text of how he adds morals, and how this makes us think. .
             Maupassant's childhood consisted of a good education and upbringing. Although, since 1863, his life became quite troubled by the separation of his parent's and the experience of the Franco-Prussian war; this could have had an affect on his writings. The war played a great tribute to his attitude towards Normandy, of which he describes is "the chamber-pot of France." This tells me that he was quite annoyed at the fact that France was left in ruins by Germany. An example of a theme in Mother Sauvage.
             The moral issues in his stories could have been affected by Maupassant's mixed feelings about his Norman homeland. This "double-sided" viewpoint comes across strongly in his stories. It not only gives the story from "two-angles", but keeps the reader happy because their opinion on the moral issue is not one-sided. Perhaps it was easier for him to base the stories on his life experiences in Normandy, rather than to "make something up"; as much of his works are set in France, and have French characters.
             This also relates to his austere and plain prose style of writing. His lack of experience maybe contributes to the plainness of the stories during his first few writings. Since his good friend Gustave Flaubert taught him how to write fiction, he has wrote nearly 300 short stories. .
             Maupassant deliberately keeps decisions open in his short stories for moral dilemma's to be made at the end.

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