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The Jewelry, What About it?

            The title of the story is The Jewelry, but one reading the story would wonder how it fits. Guy De Maupassant, the author, waits until the middle of the story to add anything in about jewelry. He holds off on this important piece of the story for a reason. Things are not always what they seem. There are many ways that me shows this throughout the story The Jewelry. .
             While reading the story or just the first page one would wonder why the story is titled in such a way. The author makes to references to jewelry in any way. He tells how two people meet. As the story unfolds more, one would think that this story is going to be about two people's love for one another. Jewelry is finally mentioned but as fake. The husband knows that the jewelry that his wife wears is fake. He knows there is no way either one of them could afford real jewelry, but his wife wears it like it is one of a kind. The wife even points out about how real the fake jewelry looks. The husband couldn't understand why she spends so much time looking at the jewelry thinking (" she experienced some secret and mysterious sensations of pleasure in her comtemplation-) .
             Then to make things not seem what they are even more, the wife dies from pneumonia. This hurt him badly. When he saw how his salary couldn't cover his wants, he wondered how they could afford some of the items his wife would bring home. When he started to become short of money, he decides to take a piece of jewelry and sell it. He finally gets past his guilt about deciding to sell the piece and goes to the jeweler to find out that the piece is worth more money than he figured a fake piece is worth. After this he realizes that all of the jewelry she had must have been real. He begins to wonder how she came across the expensive jewels and figures they were presents. He realized that his wife must not have been faithful to him and she had been with someone.

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