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            "The Necklace" The theme of Guy de Maupassant story "The Necklace" seems to be suggested by the line, "What would have happened if Mathilde had not lost the necklace?". Mathilde Loisel grew up in poverty and had no expectations in life. When she got married, her and her husband would sit around the dinner table and imagine they were eating a luxurious meal. They would imagine using shiny silverware and eating their meal on marvelous plates. Together, they had nothing. Mathilde had no clothes, no jewels, and only one friend. One day her husband came home from work and handed her an invitation they had received to attend a ball. Her husband thought that she would be enthusiastic about it, however she busted out in tears. She wanted to attend, yet she had no dress to wear. After digging in to money they had been trying to saved, Mathilde purchased a dress for the ball. As the ball drew near, Mathilde decided she still needed something more to finish off the dress they had just spent so much money on. The next day, Mathilde visited her only friend to see if she could barrow some of her jewelry for the evening of the ball. After about an hour of deliberating with her friend about what to jewelry to wear, Mathilde found it. Under all the other pieces of jewelry lied a diamond necklace. Mathilde was ecstatic. Never before had she seen such a beautiful piece of jewelry. She decided this was what she was going to wear. The entire way home she dazzled the necklace. She knew that she would stand out in the crowd at the ball. The night of the ball came and Mithilde looked great. Her and her husband showed up at the ball and everyone was amazed at how good Mithilde appeared. Mithilde was not used to all the attention she received that evening, after all she just a poor young lady. The evening ended and everyone went home. Mithilde decided that one last time she would look at herself in the mirror before getting out of the clothes.

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