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The Necklace

            A short story that I have been reading recently is called "The Necklace" by A French Writer called Guy De Maupassant. The story was written in French but has been translated into English.
             The main character of this story is a female called Mathilde. She was born into a poor family and she always dreams of a better and richer life. "She thought of long salons fitted with up with antique silk." She is married to M. Loisel who wasn't very rich, he seemed happy with the way his life was. An example is that he was happy to eat a casserole that could have been lying around for several days, "Ah the good pot-a-feu!".
             During the story the couple receive an invite to a very rich party. M. Loisel had tried hard to get this invite as normal working class people don't usually get one. He thought that this invite would also make his wife happy. When he received he invite he showed it to he, he didn't get the reaction he expected. She was upset because she had no dress to wear. M. Loisel gave her four hundred francs so that she could buy a new dress for the party.
             Once she had bought a dress she realised that she didn't have a piece of jewellery to go with it. Her husband told her to go to her friend Mme. Forestier and ask to borrow some. She went the next day and took the most expensive looking necklace that was there.
             When they arrived at the ball Mathilde was the most beautiful woman there. She danced with her husband and had a good time.
             They arrived home and Mathilde removed her wraps. She realised that she had lost the necklace. She told her husband and he got worried. They thought about what to do, either buy a replacement or tell her friend she lost it. They decided to replace it and search all the jewellers all over town. They finally found one that looks exactly like it. They put all the money they had towards it and they loaned money, they even went into poverty. They finally got thirty six thousand francs and bought the necklace.

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