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The Necklace

             In Guy de Maupassant's short story "The Necklace" a beautiful young woman, Madame Loisel, lives a simple life due to her unfortunate chance of being born into a family of poor clerks. She marries a clerk herself and is seemed destined to live among common people. She spent many days staring at her plain apartment wishing for more.
             One evening her simple husband brought a surprise to her, an invitation to a high society ball. The woman most desperate to attend just an event cried out "what do you suppose I do with that?" (Maupassant 32) For she had no dress or jewels to wear to such an occasion. Wanting to please his wife the clerk gave her money to purchase a suitable dress. Once acquiring such a dress, Madame was still not pleased. She exclaims, "I am vexed not to have a jewel, not one stone, nothing to adorn myself with. I shall have such a poverty-laden look." (33) Her husband suggests she borrow some jewels from a friend that was very wealthy. Seeming it would do just fine to ask her friend, she went and returned with a stunning diamond necklace.
             Dancing most exquisitely Madame Loisel was the most beautiful woman at the ball, provoking an interest from all the important people attending. She was finally where she belonged. The night came to an end however, and Madame and her husband went home. Once home Madame realized the necklace was not around her neck. Knowing they would have to replace the necklace Madame and her husband searched for a replacement. Mr. Loisel borrowed the money to replace the necklace. For ten years the couple struggled to make ends meet and pay off the debt. Madame did her part and aged well beyond her years. Passing her friend one day after the debt had been paid she decided to tell her of the turmoil she endured the last ten years. After hearing the story she exclaimed "Oh! My poor Matilda! Mine were false. They were not worth over five hundred francs!"(38).

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