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The Necklace

             At the beginning of the story the "The Necklace" the author De Maupassant illustrates that the main character Mathilde is poor and discontent with her life. She married a clerk who works for the Ministry of Education. He is hard working and loves Mathlide very much. He tries to please her in every way possible but she still is not satisfied or happy with the lifestyle she has. She sits around pondering most of the days thinking of how she would one day enjoy being wealthy and having the clothes, jewels, and delicacies the rich acquire. Although it might seem as if these things are just a dream to her she finally gets the opportunity to experience the chance of fitting in with the rich. Mr. Loisel and Mathilde get invited to go to a party held by Mr. Loisel's company. The party is intended for only the most important people of the company to come. This story explains how Mathilde's life is before and after the tragedy of the necklace and how ironic her character is.
             From the beginning of the story it shows how Mathilde is very selfish in the way she lives and foresees her life. It seems as if Mathilde is so depressed with her stature in life that she would rather daydream all day of being rich and gorgeous. She thinks about wearing beautiful dresses, extravagant jewelry, and living in a big house with maids. She wonders around her apartment contemplating what she would do with her life if she had money and what she would do with it. Mathilde shows no regard for anyone but herself. She cannot stand to see other people with money because she just gets jealous and angry looking at what she could someday be. She has a friend, a former schoolmate at the convent, who was rich, and whom she did not like to go see because of her wealth. Mathilde acts very selfish towards her husband. He sacrifices his whole life earnings for her and Mathilde shows no appreciation for anything. All she wants is a different lifestyle.

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