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The Jewelry by Guy De Maupassant

            After reading the story, "The Jewelry," I feel it could be categorized as realistic fiction. I believe that to some degree this stroy could be true in the fact that people do have affairs. I do not think that there re many stories as these that occur in the lives of other people.
             In the story, 'The Jewelry', the author undercuts the story from the very beginning. He begins the story with, "Having met the girl one evening, at the house of teh office-superintendent, M. Lantin became enveloped in love as in a net." Upon reading that line, I as the reader, was led to believe that this story was going to involve how in love he was with her. However, upon reading further we learn to believe that M. Lantin really didn't have much control over his wife. We also learn that he had two major faults with his wife. They were her love of the theater and her passion for false jewelry. .
             After his wife passes away, M. Lantin begins to wonder how his wife planned and sufficed for all the household needs. He doesn't seem to be able to live the lifestyle they had lived when she was alive. Then, in desperation for money, he decides to consider selling her false jewelry. In the end, M. Lantin learns that the false jewelry was not false but real jewelry. This brings about a whole new aspect towards his wife. She possibley wasn't the pure good, quiet innocent woman the author had led us to believe. The author suggests that his wife had been having an affair because when he goes to the jewler to see how much the necklace is worth, he discovers that the necklace had been sent to his wife. Well, he obviously didn't have the necklace sent to his wife so we as the audience conclude that she wasn't faithful in the marriage. Also, M. Lantin didn't enjoy attending the theater, so the author also leads us to believe that the person who bought her this expensive jewelry, was the person with whom she was romantically ivolved.

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