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The jewels

             The story, The Jewels, appealed to me because it really made me think about how well you really know someone. "Madame Lantin seemed the perfect example of the virtuous woman to whom every sensible young man dreams of entrusting his life". (1034) She was pure and innocent, or was she? We have come to the understanding that there were possible lies and cheating. Who really was this women? "She had come to Paris then with her mother, who struck up acquaintance with a few middle class families in her district in the hope of marrying her off. They were poor and decent, quiet and gentle". (1034) Her love for these fake jewels were not common of her class. "My dear, when a woman cant afford to buy real jewels, she ought to appear adorned with her beauty and grace alone". (1035) Monsieur Lantin had only thought these jewels to be fake and never expected such jewels from his wife. Where did they come from?.
             Madame is like an imitation jewelry. Fake jewelry looks beautiful and elegant, and can also seem, pure and perfect. Madame comes off similar to these characteristics but within the story she turns into a different character. "Her simple beauty had a modest, angelic charm and the imperceptible smile which always hovered about her lips seemed to be a reflection of her heart". (1034) She comes off gentle and caring but slowly turns evil and conniving. Her passion for this fake jewelry was unusually and absurd. The imitation jewelry was made out of paste but is also made to look nice. Fake jewels have a beautiful reflection, but a reflection isn't what is on the inside. Monsieur Lantin never saw the difference and just thought of this jewelry as junk, he never looked deep into his own life. .
             "He was incredibly happy with her. She ran his household so skillfully and economically that they gave the impression of living in luxury". (1034) But what secret life was she hiding? Did she have another lover, did she steal money, or have saved money of her own? We don't exactly know what she was holding back.

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