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As I lay Dying

             In "As I Lay Dying" each chapter is written as a monologue, in which the thoughts of that character are presented just as they are. Through these thoughts we can read the story of Addie Bundrun's death and the transport of her body. Their is not one objective narrator that can organise all the thoughts by the fifteen narrators, which can lead to chaos. I think this occurs especially in Darl's chapters and also in Vardaman's chapters there is some sort of chaos, but this could also be because he is still a child and thinks as a child. For my character analysis I chose Jewel and Dewey Dell, because they seemed the most interesting to me.
             It is really difficult to analyse Jewel, there is only one chapter in which he is speaking, you have to create an opinion solely upon what other people tell you about him, you only see him through the eyes of others. When you read Cora's second chapter she talks about Jewel, her impression of Jewel seems to me a totally wrong one. She thinks he is refusing his mother the good-bye kiss, I think he just does not want to admit that his mother is dying. He is misunderstood by his family and neighbours.
             "Not him to miss a chance to make that extra three dollars at the price of his mother's good-bye kiss. A Bundrun through and through, loving nobody, caring for nothing except how to get something with the least amount of work.".
             As I already said I think she could not be more wrong because we can read in Jewel's chapter how he feels about Cash making the coffin for his mother in front of her, which shows he is not impartial to her death. He has the feeling his family cannot wait for her to die, as he says according to Darl: "If everybody wasn't burning hell to get her there." Jewel loves his mother very much as we can see in the way he makes sure his mother will get to her resting place, he sells his horse the only thing of value that he owns. .
             Another thing Cora says is, that he is a Bundrun through and through, but he is the only one that is not a Bundrun.

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