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A High School Memory

            As a teenager, my grandmother always told me, "The people with whom I surrounded myself can have a big influence on me." She was inspired by the scripture that said, "Bad friend corrupt good character." I always kept that advice in the back of my mind and putting it in practice was very challenging, specially, when you are a teenager. Teenagers tend to mature more than others. Also, they have problems to connect with their parents because it is hard for them to follow directions or advices. I remembered when I use to say, "My grandmother doesn't understand my needs, meanwhile I wanted to be free like a bird." I was raised by my grandparents, who enlightened my paths as a teenager and I am so grateful to have them in my life. Things began to change when I met this girl named Jewel.
             My junior year started here at Saint Joseph High School, where I met Jewel. We were almost the same age. In fact she was four months older than me and during the courses of the year we became friends. One day, I decided to introduce Jewel to my grandmother, and at that time I was leaving in my grandparent's house. I invited her over to come and have dinner with us. She was delighted and at the same time I was surprise that, for the first time my grandmother allows my friend to come over. Jewel and I spent about an hour at home and grandmother was very polite toward her. My grandmother started asking her so many questions to know her better, like she didn't believe all details I told her about my friend. That is the kind of attitude some parents have when they see your new friends. Furthermore, while eating at the dining at table, my grandmother asked, "Jewel! Do you like school?".
             Jewel replied, "School sucks and it is boring. In fact what I liked the most is to hang out with friends and party is fun too.".
             "Wow! Children of this days," Grandmother added.

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