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Leaders in the American Wars of Independence

             Leaders in the American Wars of Independence:.
             George Washington and Simon Bolivar.
             The American Revolution and the Latin American Wars of Independence were fought by colonists, slaves, and revolutionaries. In hope for better lives, independence, and freedom; citizens of the Americas banded together and rose up against their oppressors. But neither the American Revolution, or the Latin American Wars of Independence would have been nearly as successful without the guidance and leadership of George Washington in the United States or Simon Bolivar in South America. Although the two leaders were very different men, lived in different times, and led very different revolutions, their ideals and goals for their countries were very much the same. Their roles in these wars of Independence were vital to their struggles for Independence. .
             During the American Revolution, which lasted from 1775-1783, George Washington served as commander of the Continental Army. He was appointed commander in chief of the Army soon after the battles fought at and Concord (April 18, 1775) and Lexington (April 19, 1775). He immediately worked to establish order and discipline in the Army. By March of 1776 Washington and his forces had forced the British out of Boston. Unfortunately his forces suffered several small losses after that due to their lack of numbers and training. On Christmas Night in 1776, Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River and defeated British forces at both Trenton and Princeton (January 2, 1776). Afterwards morale in the Army rose; more civilians joined, and more militia groups were formed. Washington was highly selective in the commanders he chose to lead the Armed forces and strongly believed that their presence and will would eventually defeat the British forces. By 1778, the war in the Northern colonies had amounted to somewhat of a stalemate, and the British forces moved South.

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