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Trend to Independence

            Americans were colonized under British control for a long time. American people had been under the unreasonable requests, the forced rules and imposed taxation. Being governed by foreign people, American people suffered and tried to escape from Britain. The revolution was, gradually, forming and independence seemed to be the only way to step forward after the social, economic and political changes. .
             The economic speeded up the American Revolution. After French and Indian War, Britain needed a new imperial design, and the new financial policy of the British government needed more money to grow its empire. Taxation would be the way to get the money from. The Molasses Act of 1733, which tax on the import of rum and molasses not from English. And the Sugar Act of 1764, which placed prohibitive duty on imported sugar, provided for greater regulation of American shipping to suppress smuggling. They hope the Act could reduce temptation to smuggle it from Dutch and French. Because of Sugar Act, merchants were feared by destroying their business. Merchants, legislatures and town meeting started protesting the law. Moreover, the Stamp Act, which provided the revenue stamps for all newspapers, legal documents, licenses and insurance policies. This Act affected large groups of lawyers, printers, tavern owners and other influential colonists in American population. This leaded people to resist Parliament. Later on, the Townshend Acts took place in 1767, which was to charge tax on colonial imports of papers, glass, lead and tea, were designed to raise tax in order to support colonial governors, judges, customs officers and British Army. In order to reduce the intensely objection, Parliament repealed all the Townshend duties except the tea. Afterward, the Tea Act, in which the East India Company asked for a monopoly on all tea exported to the colonies. Dramatically, the government allowed the East India Company to supply retailers directly and bypassed colonial wholesalers who had previously sold it.

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