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US political trends

            Since the dawn of modern civilization politicians, sociologists and other highly educated professionals have analyzed and critiqued current trends in U.S. political and socioeconomic environments. These trends in turn shape the very world in which we live in. Although not all predictions on the effects of trends are accurate one can always learn something from them. It is important to be aware of the world around you in order for one to make educated decisions on significant issues in the world. Connecting current trends with the ideas of thinkers and writers of the past is one way a person can analyze the effects of trends along with learning how the trend might shape the future of our world. This is exactly the method is which this paper will explain whether trends, political or socioeconomic, will bolster democratic political life or curb anti-democratic tendencies.
             When one thinks of America, the idea of a land of opportunity comes to mind and even in the 21st century does this idea still ring true. Now more than ever people are venturing out and starting their own businesses and are succeeding at a tremendous rate. The rise of entrepreneurship seen within women is also increasing. A decade ago the idea of women starting their own businesses was seen as very risky and was not encouraged. However, women have taken control of their own lives and are not longer listening to such nonsense. Stay at home moms have especially found starting businesses on the internet very convenient in fitting in with their lifestyle. More and more people are taking advantage of newly unexplored territories, such as the Internet, to open up new business ventures. The boom of dot com businesses is one such result of this. One only has to have the skills of logging onto the World Wide Web and have minimal knowledge of building a web page to be able to launch their own business. .
             Despite the growth of personal business in the United States one discouraging factor is that of the increasing divorce rate in America.

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