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Smoking Ban

            Loosing freedoms to California Smoking Ban.
             On January 1, 1998 the California legislature imposed a.
             smoking ban in all enclosed places of employment. Smoking.
             regulations are of statewide interest, by the California.
             legislature enacting the smoking ban it eliminated the need for.
             local governments to establish their own. Many people look down.
             on this imposed smoking ban. Many people, smokers and.
             non-smokers, look at this law as a restriction to our.
             constitutional rights. By banning smoking in all enclosed work.
             places it has taken away the rights of bar owners and patrons.
             along with an average loss of sixty percent in business revenues.
             The California smoking ban takes away our freedom of choice and.
             may lead to more significant losses.
             The California smoking ban was to protect the.
             well-being of the workers but instead it has sent them job.
             hunting. In an article in the Washington Post a bar tender shares.
             his views on the smoking ban. "The only thing I"m sure of is that.
             there are less customers - about 30% less - and my lungs are.
             fine." He goes on to say that he may have to find a new job if.
             things don't pick up. "You try living on 30% less money." A.
             recent study in Ireland finds that non-smokers, who work in pubs.
             or bars, take in the equivalent to half a cigarette a day while.
             one cigarette a day is of "no consequence to health" according to.
             the BBC, who is against smoking. The BBC is an organization that.
             answers everyday questions on the internet. .
             The smoking ban has put stress on the employees along with.
             the customers. In a recent survey conducted by KMPG Peat Warwick.
             LLP for the American Beverage Institute "found that 50.4% of.
             California bars experienced an increase in customer-employee.
             arguments and fights among patrons, 65% reported a loss in their.
             regular customer base, 59% noted a decline in gratuities and.
             29.7% experienced layoffs or cuts in working hours because of.
             loss of business attributed to the smoking ban.

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