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Smoking - Should Tobacco Smoking Be Banned?

             Nowadays tobacco smoking is on the rise among the adults as well as teenagers. As we all know that tobacco smoking is not a good thing, so why aren't the government or the World Health Organization (WHO) banning it since it is causing unpleasantness in this world? But to ban tobacco smoking is a serious matter because it affects many other people. If we ban it all, some will benefit from it and some will suffer a loss. Here are some of the reasons why tobacco smoking should be banned and why tobacco smoking should not be banned.
             Many companies over the world manufacture cigarettes. E.g. Marlboro, Lucky Strike and Dunhill. If tobacco smoking were to be banned, companies manufacturing cigarettes will suffer a great big loss, which will eventually lead to bankruptcy. Apart from that, unemployment will rise, as many will be unemployed due to the closing down of the cigarette companies. .
             If tobacco smoking is banned in a country, the number of crime will increase drastically. Addicts cannot live without smoking just for a little while. They are willing to do anything just to get cigarette to smoke. Therefore these addicts will buy cigarettes illegally even though it cost them their one-month salary. Those people who sell the addicts cigarettes will be making a fortune out of it. And because of the large profit they earn, they are willing to take the risk to smuggle more into the country, which then increases crime. .
             The smokers" rights will be destroyed if smoking were to be banned in a country or anywhere else. People have the right to do what they want to do to themselves as long as it is dealing with their personal life. And if smoking was one of the things they cannot do, their rights will be destroyed. If the country has already shown the people the effects of smoking, then it is up to the people whether they choose to smoke or not as it is their own life that is at risk.
             Tobacco smoking should be banned because it is a health hazard as it contains nicotine, which is very addictive.

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