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            One of the biggest issues is smoking. One reason being they kill vast amounts of people. Another reason being they waste time and labor for Americans. Smoking causes many diseases. .
             Today our world is troubled by tobacco. Although our economy is dropping we would be better off with out tobacco in our life. Making cigarettes is a waste of time and money. When you make cigarettes you have to think how much you are throwing away, American lives. That's why I think that making cigarettes is a waste of time and money.
             Another reason cigarettes should be banned is if you think of how many diseases cigarettes cause. Lung cancer is a very big deal. Lung cancer can be very painful but disserving to the person who chooses to smoke tobacco. Throat cancer can be very embarrassing. You have to use a little probe to go in to your throat so you can talk. There are hundreds of more diseases tobacco can cause.
             The biggest reason cigarettes should be banned is because they kill! Cigarettes besides all of the diseases and waste of money cigarettes take American lives. People can suffer for there choices but no one ever deserves to die. Cigarettes kill thsounds every year. That is the reason cigarettes should be banned.
             Last of all, that is why smoking should be illegal. Smoking kills thsounds; smoking will give you one of thsounds of the diseases that it offers. It is a waste of everyone's money. Smoking would only help is if it were illegal.

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