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             Smoking is Hazardous to your Health.
             Cigarette smoking is the single most important preventable cause of illness and early death.
             i.Cigarette smokers have about a 70% greater chance of dying from disease than do nonsmokers.
             ii.1/3, or 125,000, of all cancer deaths are attributable to smoking.
             (1)Several types of cancer are directly caused by smoking. These are cancer of the larynx, esophagus, oral cavity, urinary bladder, and lung cancer.
             b.It is estimated that 54 million Americans smoke 615 billion cigarettes a year. Of those Americans, 37% are men, 28% are women, and 35% are teenagers.
             a.Years of your life.
             i.By the age of 85, only 5% of lifetime smokers are still alive. Compare with 37% whom never smoked.
             ii.Smokers at age 30 can expect to live to an average of 64.8 years old, if they continue to smoke. While non-smoking 30 year olds can expect to reach the age of 82.7 years old.
             b.Breathing and Lungs.
             i.Smoking, long-term, causes airway resistance, by narrowing the of bronchial tubes from smoke particles, tar, and constriction of small blood vessels.
             i.Smoking is the single most important risk factor in the development of cardiovascular disease.
             i.damage to baby.
             (1)low birth weight.
             (2)possibility of SIDS.
             (3)Premature birth.
             (4)More illnesses during the first year of life.
             ii.More women whom smoke during pregnancy have still-births.
             i.Damage done by 2nd hand smoke.
             ii.More children of smokers become smokers themselves.
             c.Some of the damage done by smoking, can be reversed once you've stopped, however, some can't. One being emphesima.
             d.smoking is linked to bronchitis; emphysema; cirrhoses of the liver, and adverse drug reactions. .
             i.People that smoke are more likely to catch the common cold. Smoking lowers your immune system.
             a.How cool you look holding a cigarette.
             c.skin of a smoker's looks unhealthy.

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