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             Smoking strikes many college campuses around the country. It has many dangerous side effects and can lead to many chronic diseases. The people affected by this habit are not just the smokers themselves; just being around smokers can cause negative effects to your health. The best possible way to keep students from starting to smoke and to get smokers to quit is through education. If students know just how harmful smoking is they are a lot less likely to start or continue this habit.
             Smoking Strikes College Students.
             Smoking is a serious problem that affects millions of students in the United States. It is estimated that about fifty million people in the United States currently smoke a total of 570 billion cigarettes each year. The range of people that engage in this obsession is widely varied. Over one-third of college students smoke with regularity. The number of smokers in today's society needs to be decreased severely (Scherer 1999). There are many factors that prove just how harmful smoking as an addiction can be, but there are two primary issues that demonstrate why smokers should abandon their obsession. They are the effects on their health and the effects on other through passive inhalation. .
             The primary reasons students should withdraw from smoking are the personal health effects involved. At one time smoking was thought to relieve tension and produce no ill results. The horrible effects smoking has on one's body were soon discovered. The highest degree of occurrence of emphysema is among heavy cigarette smokers. In addition, smoking is the main cause of chronic bronchitis, which is an incurable disease. Smoking also increases the risk of having a stroke by fifty percent. Large doses of nicotine may cause convulsions and even death. The mortality rate of smokers, due to a variety of diseases, is significantly higher than those who do not smoke (The Volume Library 1982).

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