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             Smoking, is it a social issue or a health problem? Smoking has .
             been almost a required social behavior through out the ages, but .
             today the major issue is the health problem smoking causes to .
             smokers and non-smokers. In this report, I will discuss the social and .
             health problems that is caused by smoking.
             Today, people of all ages including teenagers, has taken smoking as an everyday activity. According to the American Lung Association, 26% of American adults smoke, with a higher rate of smoking among the less educated and those of a lower socioeconomic level. 2.3 million teenagers smoke, including about 12% of teens aged 12 to 17, and they are beginning to smoke at younger ages than before. Teenagers start smoking because of peer pressure or personal problems in their homes. Teens are most likely to smoke if both parents smoke, if an older sibling smokes, or if .
             Flores 2.
             their best friend smokes. A combined effort by the American Lung Association has created an antitobacco and healthy living awareness .
             project that excludes all children who enter first grade in 1988. Objectives includes reducing the use of smoking among children and teenagers, teaching antitobacco health lesson, eliminating or restricting smoking .
             In public places, prohibiting the sale of tobacco to persons younger than 19, and reducing or eliminating tobacco advertising and promotion to those under age 18. Self-confidence can help children resist peer pressure to smoke. To help a child stop smoking, parents are told to agree with the child on a stop date, make the home a smoke free environment by encouraging the child to throw out everything to do with smoking, and to avoid friends who smoke at first. Another major social issue is second hand smoking. It is estimated that the effects of second hand smoke are so great that it is roughly equivalent to smoking about 50% of the cigarettes smoked by the source individual.

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