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              Passive smoking harms children.
              Heart Patients have everything to gain.
              Smoking to overcome difficult situations.
              What goes into Tobacco.
              The Chemical Factory.
              Nicotine replacement products.
              Withdrawal symptoms.
              Questions and Answers about Smoking.
              20 Smoking Facts.
              Extra Facts:.
             Smoking and Young People.
             Smoking and the Government.
             Tobacco Industry.
             Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking .
             Dangers of Smoking.
             You can eat salad and broccoli until your head turns green, wear your seatbelt or bicycle helmet and exercise regularly, but all your healthy behaviour means little if you continue to smoke. Most people know that smoking is bad for them, but not many people know just how bad it is.
             It is said that every cigarette can shorten your life by 14 minutes. Of the 300-400 people who die every day in the UK as a result of smoking, many are comparatively young smokers. It is also said that a death from smoking can be a drawn-out and painful process.
             A total off 121,700 lives are lost in the UK every year due to smoking. 46,000 people die of smoking related cancers, a further 34,300 die slowly from emphysema and other chronic lung disease. The remaining 41,400 deaths are caused by corony and circulatory diseases. Smoking is the principal cause for arteriosclerosis and hardened arteries and can cause thrombosis in the brain and heart. You may be fortunate enough to survive these events, but afterwards you couldn't do as many things as you could before and you could be dependent on medication and personal car for the rest of you life.
             Hopefully you will remind yourself of the many good reasons for giving up cigarettes as you read through the dis-advantages of smoking, here are a few of them:.
             • Smoking causes asthma.
             • Tobacco worsens blood clots.
             • Smokers take more days off sick.
             • Smoking causes cancer.

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