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Smoking should be banned

            Smoker's claim that smoking helps them to relax and release stress. But the negative aspects outweigh the positive. It is harmful for both smokers and non-smokers. Cigarettes are also addictive because of the nicotine it contains. Smoking is very bad for health and it should be banned.
             Smoking causes a number of health problems, which are expensive to treat. It is a major cause of breathing diseases such as asthma and lung cancer. It also leads to heart disease. "Every year, close to 361,000 Americans die of lung disease. Lung disease is America's number three killers, responsible for one in seven deaths" (American Lung Association www.lungusa.org). The money Government receives from taxing cigarette. And the cost of medical treatment for these diseases crosses this income. As a result of this non-smoking tax payers are forced to pay for the health costs of smokers. This is a very unfair situation. "An estimated 430,700 Americans die each year from diseases directly related to smoking. Smoking is responsible for one in five U.S. deaths and cost the economy at least 100 billion dollars in health care costs and lost productivity. New long-term studies estimate that about half of all regular cigarette smokers die of smoking-related diseases" (American Lung Association www.lungusa.org). .
             Second Another reason for banning smoking is that cigarette smoke affects the health of non-smokers. Non-smokers often suffer from eye and nose irritations, allergies and headaches as a result of inhaling second-hand smoke. There is also evidence to suggest that second hand smoke may cause lung cancer. "2 out of 3 of the smoke from a cigarette is not inhaled by the smoker. For every 8 smokers tobacco smoke kills, 1 nonsmoker is also killed by inhalation of secondhand smoke" (American Lung Association www.lungusa.org).
             Finally the third reason for banning smoking is because the nicotine that is found in cigarettes is highly addictive.

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