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Smoking Ban

             Why is it that a factory that pumps out huge amounts of toxic chemicals get protestors from all around the world to come complain right on their front door step but when someone is just enjoying a cigarette out in public that get little to no hassle? Why do smokers believe that they have every right to go anywhere they want and light up when everyone in the world has to breathe the same air that they are contaminating? Why should the government have every right to tell smokers where they can smoke? The European Union laws are now stating that every pack of cigarettes has to carry a label written in black and white saying, "smoking kills" (The anti-smoking trend). My personal favorite is when you sit down in a nice restaurant and are just ready to get your food when a smoker decides to light up behind you and ruin the whole meal. The fact of the matter is that not just smokers are at risk of getting disease when it comes to smoking, everyone is. This is the reason why the government should be allowed to create a smoking ban that allows everyone smoker or not to enjoy themselves and live a healthier life. .
             Smoking has caused pain even to those who choose never to even put a cigarette on their lips. Smokers believe that it is an invasion of privacy when the government tells them where they can smoke. The fact of the matter is that every time an individual decides to light up a cigarette they are not only slowly but surely killing themselves but they are also killing anyone that is within the distance of inhaling their smoke. Second hand smoke affects anyone and everyone that is near our around the smoker. The majority of the effects that second hand smoking, including lung cancer and many other respiratory aliments are to those who don't understand what smoking is kids. A study done by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada say that almost 20% of children under the age of 5 that have some sort of lung infection is the result of second hand smoke (Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada).

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