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Mexico and Haiti - The Road to Independence

            Did you ever think of the way countries were created? How can all territories be considered nations or countries, when each one is so different from the rest? The answer is simple, most countries were created within the same time but each one had its own path to independence. The Haitian, Mexican, and most Latin American revolutions were inspired by the Enlightenment ideas. These ideas encouraged the Americans of revolting against the English (1783) in order to become a nation. After the Americans had a successful revolution, the French decided to raze the absolute monarchy and redesign their country's political system (1789), in search of democracy, nationalism, and equal rights for all. When the Latin American colonies saw that such thing was possible, they all started to organize themselves to burst into a revolution that struck for independence. Haiti, a French slave colony was the first to follow the United States to Independence, through the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804). Later came the Mexican War of Independence with Father Miguel Hidalgo, which lasted from 1810 to 1821. These wars of independence gave people living in the colonies a new lifestyle, where everyone was equal, or at least that is what they were hoping to achieve. .
             While both the Mexican and Haitian independence movements shared similar causes, the way of organizing themselves and their lifestyle after independence can be widely discussed due to the contrast within them.
             Most of the revolutions have to do with the population's resentments and the lack of satisfaction due to the way the government runs the political structure of the territories. The Haitian and the Mexican revolutions rose up at a time where new thoughts and ideas were spread, and they looked for a noticeable change in society. The Enlightenment ideas of liberty and equality inspired the oppressed classes from the social structure of these colonies to rebel against their oppressors.

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