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Latin American Independence

            Throughout history, there were many countries exploited by means of invasion. For example, Napoleons" invasions, the Nazi rule over the Jewish race, and so on. Colonies that are no exception to this are the Latin America colonies. During the Age of colonization (1492- 1600), Europeans imposed many things on the Latin American territory that have had a long and devastating effect on the indigenous people. Europeans invaded and controlled much of South America and the Caribbean islands for means of trading, acquiring goods, and expanding their Christian religion through forced conversions. Resulting in an imposed foreign culture upon the already established civilizations that existed before their arrival. The indigenous people of South America, which included the Aztec, Olmec, Maya, and the Inca of South America, had developed complex civilizations which made use of calendars, writing, mathematics, astronomy, the arts, and advanced architecture. They had their own religious beliefs complete with their own Gods and rituals. Unfortunately for them, the Europeans cared little about the culture they would be obliterating, and cared more about their own ulterior motives. After many years of exploitation of these people, they finally decide to rebel. From the years 1807-1824, political and military movements ended colonial rule by Spain and Portugal over Mexico, Central America, and South America and gave birth to the modern independent nations of Latin America. There were many contributing factors that ultimately led to the uprising of Latin American colonies, but the ultimate reason why Latin America decided to attain independence was because they were tried of being oppressed by Europe and the Spanish Crown. In the following paragraphs, I will explain the causes of the movements of independence and prove that this was the uprising of an oppressed nation. .
             One of the many causes of Latin American independence was of the resentment of lower caste colonists and the Peninsular Spaniards.

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