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Colonial Latin America

            Many factors within colonial Latin America society lead to the independence movements. The largest factor in Latin America that lead to the independence movements was the tension between classes. A second factor that lead to independence movements was that of racial tensions and a last reason was a sense of nationalism began to grow in the colonies. These three reasons and many more lead to revolts and revolutions against the mother countries.
             Tension between classes was one of the biggest reasons that the colonies revolted against their mother countries. The Creoles didn't like the Peninsulares because they had all of the top jobs in the government and they didn't let the Creoles gain any political power. The Mestizos didn't like the Creoles and Peninsulares because they were higher than them and didn't let them more up in society. The slaves hated being owned and wanted to gain their freedom. With everyone being angry with the class above them they decided the best way to gain freedom was to band together against the Peninsulares. By banding together they were able to make a strong force to revolt against the highest class.
             Another reason for the revolutions in Latin America was racial tension. The people born in Europe considered themselves higher than the Europeans born in Latin America, the Creoles. The Creoles thought they were better than the next class, Mestizos. The Mestizos were people of mixed European and Latin American decent and they thought they were better than natives, blacks or mixed natives and blacks. Starting with the Peninsulares all the way down to the slaves, each thought they were better than the people with any social status below them were. With all of the tension of one race hating another there was even more division in the colonies. The only way the people thought they could move up in society was to band together with the people closest to them in society to fight the Peninsulares.

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