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The Life of Simon Bolivar

            When one hears the world "Revolution" they probably go straight to thinking about the French Revolution, or the Revolutionary War. Little do they know that there were five extremely influential liberators that had nothing to do with either of those things. Instead they each liberated parts of Latin America. Out of these five, however, I believe that Simon Bolivar was the most influential for the following reasons: He assisted more countries than the others, he had a bigger following than any of the other five, and thirdly, his ideas of liberating slaves was radical for the time. Not only was he the most influential, but he was arguably the most interesting person in Latin America at the time. .
             The first fact that makes Simon Bolivar more influential than any other Latin American Liberators was that he assisted more countries than anyone else. In fact, he is actually known as The Liberator. His persistent fighting ended up freeing Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia. Other liberators were known for freeing just one significant country, like how Toussaint L'Ouverture freed Haiti, Miguel Hidalgo freed Mexico, and Dom Pedro helped liberate Brazil. Instead of focusing on one country, Bolivar traveled throughout the area and ended up freeing six countries. These countries weren't all liberated as he went through, sometimes he just started the fire and the people who lived in those countries took it from there. Still, Simon Bolivar was extremely influential in freeing these six countries from their dysfunctional governments. For this reason, I believed he helped a lot more than the others did, though each in their own way was influential.
             The opinion that Simon Bolivar was the most influential is amplified by my second reason, which is that he had a bigger following than the others. As he marched through these countries, an army started to follow him, helping him liberate the other countries he traveled to.

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