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Significance of the French Revolution

            The most significant outcome of the French Revolution was Napoleon Bonaparte which lead France as well as most of Europe to adopt a new "englightened" civil code known as the Code Napolean. Napoleon's rise to power was relatively easy given he was a popular general who had no political identity at a time when the people grew more and more weary of politicians during the previous decade of political and administrative failures. Since he was regarded as a national hero due to his massive successes on the battlefield and had virtually no current political identity in the midst of corrupt political figures, he was the best candidate for a new France. Once in power, Napoleon saw the need to draft a new constitution to keep his people content and at the same time reinforce his position as ruler of france. With the Code Napoleon, he sought to give france one uniform set of laws, and to maintain social stability by providing his citizens with something they've not been guaranteed before. The Code Napoleon guaranteed freedom of conscience, equality of all citizens before and under the law and the right of individuals to choose their own profession. Every citizen was also give the right to personal status, property, and the aquisition of property. .
             The constitution drafted by Napoleon gave the people the illusion of democracy, since it gave Napoleon sole control over the initiation of legislation, foreign affairs and the courts. These three outlets gave him the means to do anything he wanted. In order to disguise this however, he appointed representive institutions called the Legislative Body and the Tribunate. These institutions had no real power however and could not direct or check the power of the executive, Napoleon. .

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