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The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment

            The Scientific Revolution which resulted in the Enlightenment had much significance that helped influence the American Revolution. the American Revolution was fueled because Great Britain started to control the American colonies through laws by restricting territorial expansion, imposing taxes, and they were also being stripped of their freedom. So you see, America grew tired of the supremacy of Great Britain and the ruling in which America had to fight for their freedom. I believe that this is what sparked the American Revolution. Great Britain colonized most of the colonies in North America. The colonies were tied to Britain through trade. Trey had been restricted so they had to depend on the British for imported goods and supplies. There wasn't much money so colonists used barter and credit to get what they need it. After the French and Indian War the British restricted land in the West. Colonists who had already lived there were forced to move to the East; this was known as the proclamation of 1763.
             In 1765, the quartering act was passed by the Parliament. The quartering act stated that the colonists had to pay for British troops to lodge in America. for two years in New York City refuse to follow the quartering act because they didn't agree with this app. New york: saw that there was no reason to have soldiers since the French and Indian War was over. .
             Great Britain was in debt and they needed money to pay off their word its. The king and also the Parliament believe that they had the right to tax the colonies. They came up with different taxes to impose. In 1765 ,the Stamp Act was passed this Act was required a tax stamp on all printed items : from college diplomas court documents, and titles and contracts to newspapers, almanacs, and playing cards.
             In 1767, the Townshend Act was passed. the Act required colonists to pay taxes on imported goods. Many colonists felt that they should not pay this text because this law was made in England by Parliament not by their government.

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