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The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment

            The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment Period ignited a great expansion of revolutionary concepts as some of history's greatest thinkers emerged. Europe was possessed by a growing desire to venture through the untouched corners of the mind and reinvent the orthodox beliefs that prevailed across the globe unchallenged for years. During the Scientific Revolution, people dared to believe in theories that were not necessarily handed to them by leading organizations. These innovative views of the world inspired the dawn of an intellectual movement in the eighteenth century known as the Enlightenment. Together, the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment led to an ideal compilation of modernized beliefs that stormed across the world capturing the attention of many and eternally evolving the world's perception of human existence. .
             As the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment illuminated the world with a constant craving to uncover the unexplained curiosities that lurk beyond what is already known, a large mass of people began to defy the teachings of the church and yearned to gain independence as individuals with the potential to observe the physical world and apply those findings to reveal secrets of the unseen world beyond the atmosphere. The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment pierced the history of the world with an unforgettable sensation that eradicated the previous numbness of humanity and replaced it with an endless flourishing of imaginative aspirations that forever evolved the course of European political, religious, and social existence. .
             Politics are a driving force of human nature that dictate the destiny of a nation and potentially control every person that inhabits a region. The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment evolved the world-view of politics, as it became an aspect of life that everyone desired to take part in. Although very little political reform explicitly occurred throughout the Scientific Revolution, the slowly emerging mindset of society during this period acted as the basis for the groundbreaking reforms that later took place in the Enlightenment.

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