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The Scientific Revolution

            The scientific revolution changed the way we look at society and nature. The scientific revolution began in Europe which influenced the enlightenment period. Though there is no specific date of when the scientific revolution started, it is said that it began when Nicolaus Copernicus published his work The revolution of the heavenly spheres in 1543. The ending of the scientific revolution or its completion is considered when Issac Newton published his work Principia. The zeitgeist of the scientific revolution influenced the emergence of modern science, the developments in mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology and chemistry which revolutionized our view in society and nature. .
             Before the scientific revolution or the middle ages, philosophers were only interested in the intention or final cause of things. They wanted to know what was the purpose for which something existed. They went from being interested in the final cause, to being interested in the consequences or effect of why things occur. Modern science influenced man's conception of nature and basic reality. It provided rational explanations for previous phenomena which had no prior explanations. Science and reasoning led to a downgrade in religious and other claims. Although modern has an abroad definition, the scientific revolution is considered to be the start of the modern era.
             In a way, modernity means change, the scientific revolution changed how we look at nature and basic reality, but the foundation of science comes from Islam. Islamic work brought the standard of accuracy to astronomy. For example, Elba thami, an islamic astronomer in the middle ages was able to calculate the size of earth without the use of a telescope. Copernicus work led to modern physics, but Copernicus got his ideas from other islamic astronomers. Without the ideas and theories of the islamic astronomers, Copernicus work might of never been developed.

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